BlackCity is Nation Building.

BlackCity is here to redefine Blackness.

Black stands for Freedom, Interdependence, Mastery, Resilience, Discretion, Building.

The City is the Power, the People, the Culture and the Land.

BlackCity is a interdependent community of resilient individuals.

BlackCity is a SOVEREIGN city-state, our own republic.

In this state, there is no race, no war, no fear, no harm, no 

BlackCity is older than time.

BlackCity was discovered in the 5th dimension and built in the 4th.

BlackCity Is A Sanctuary.

BlackCity Is Safe.

BlackCity is Above The Map and Below The Map But It Is Not The Map Itself.

BlackCity is Nation Building.

A Traveler Is any resident, visitor, refugee, supporter or ally of BlackCity.

FreePower Is The Culture Of BlackCity.

We have built several communities.  

BlackCity is the largest city in the universe, but you can only get there by closing your eyes to listen.