A sonic BANG birthed the sun. The sun may very well rise in the East but, The Black Son rises in the south. Intensifying his gifts and wisdom through talents given from the most High. Curating out of Nashville, Tennessee, which some say is the powerhouse for creatives, this Nashville native is a young star that is set to reach his zenith in years to come. The Black Son, a 23 year old with voluminous talents has blossom him into an idol with roots planted in the oft-forgotten, manifesting community, South Nashville.

reaux marquez

Bordeaux, Tennessee’s metronome poet Reaux Marquez arrived on the Nashville scene in 2013 pushing loosies throughout social media. Jazzy wordplay and lyricism heavily influenced by Outkast, Big KRIT, and Kendrick Lamar, Reaux went on to release a trippy, wordplay project at age 19 (2014 under Ro Marquez) titled “199X” which put him on SXSW stages + gaining fans across the internet and country. 2015-16 Reaux would be off the grid in The Garden studying production & engineering honing his new sound. Only releasing two singles & two guest verses in 2017 behind social media walls he would be producing & recording his first album.